Making the Dell Payment Solutions Portfolio Enticing

Project: Global Value Proposition Project.
Strategic smarts: Brand Management, Analysis, Campaign Planning, Creative Strategy.
Design savvy: Digital Design, Content & Scripting, Graphics, Animation.

Our purpose is to provide the most competitive, innovative and flexible payment solutions available in the industry today. We enable our customers to deploy IT solutions they need NOW while maximizing their IT budget and realizing their sustainability goals, ensuring they are ready for the next wave of change.” – Colin Keaney, President Dell Financial Services, Dell Technologies Inc.

With this statement from Colin Keaney in mind, we worked with the Dell Financial Services Global Marketing Team to create a series of digital assets that explain and promote the value proposition of the Dell Payment Solutions Portfolio to both clients and channel partners.

The Swiss Army knife of Presentation Decks

Dell’s master presentation deck needed to built in a modular fashion, so that sections could be reused and adapted for the specific requirements of different regions and distribution channels.

This modular approach required significant planning to avoid dense copy and to keep the deck easy to navigate and visually appealing. Our own copywriting team worked in partnership with internal stakeholders at Dell to achieve this delicate balance.

It Pays to Take the Hard Route

An additional element of the project was the creation of an overview video to cover the high-level, key messages of the value proposition.

Rather than just take the easy route and animate existing sections of the deck, we opted for a brand-new script developed by our copy team, along with externally commissioned voiceover talent and an all-new storyboard design.

Shanna Beck, Global Messaging Marketing Consultant, Dell Technologies

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