Brand and Web Development Program for Leading Supplier of Skilled, Professional Labour in the UK

Project: Brand Identity and Web development.
Strategic smarts: Brand Positioning, Analysis, Creative Strategy & Direction
Design savvy: Branding Development, Creative Design, Digital Design, Web Design & Development.

Danny Sullivan Group (DSG) is the leading supplier of skilled, professional labour in the UK, and has been serving the civil engineering and construction industries since 1986. They are a family-managed business, whose strong family values are at the heart of their business, and these values and approach set them apart from other organisations in their sector.

We undertook a revitalisation of the existing Danny Sullivan identity, crafting a strategic brand direction along with updated brand guidelines. This fresh brand and ethos were seamlessly integrated across all channels, with a significant emphasis on developing a cutting-edge industry-standard website.

Constructing a Brand with Ambition

The Brand Development Program involved a transformative evolution of the existing DSG brand, establishing a visionary path for the company to emerge as an industry leader. We crafted a new mission and vision, weaving them seamlessly into the company’s story and family history, and refined values and tone-of-voice for a cohesive brand identity.

As a crucial part of the program, we designed a suite of digital and press advertising, along with business and marketing collateral, digital templates, and assets. The key component was the creation of a cutting-edge website, serving as the flagship asset of the reinvigorated brand. The website not only sets new standard for Danny Sullivan, but also signifies the organisation’s forward direction and ambitious spirit.

Engineering a Website for the Future

The design and development of the new DSG website aimed to embody the fresh brand, and dynamic direction the organisation aspired to achieve. With a wealth of information catering to both clients and potential workforce applicants, the challenge was to design a site that felt accessible, inviting, and easy to navigate.

The solution was a tiered page structure, presenting information in manageable sections, complemented by a simple and visually engaging page design to guide users seamlessly through the content. Additionally, the site was crafted to be flexible and modular, demonstrating its adaptability with the recent integration of a live job board and interactive job map – essentially a ‘Google Maps’ for their recruitment platform. This dynamic map has proven beneficial to both job seekers and the internal recruitment team, serving as a live status job board.

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