UK Campaign Targets Public Service Workers for Tusker Car Scheme

Project: UK-wide promotional campaign.
Strategic smarts: Brand Management, Analysis, Campaign Planning.
Design savvy: Creative Design, Digital Design, Content, Production.

Tusker (part of the Lloyds Banking Group) is an award winning Car Benefit company who provide comprehensive car schemes that benefit absolutely everyone. They make it easy to drive a brand new car, enjoy all the savings with none of the hassle. Working with the Tusker marketing teams, we help primarily with brand management and creative delivery, ensuring the correct and consistent application of brand guidelines.

Public Worker Types

Driving Awareness Through Innovative Design Direction

The National UK campaign was specifically targeted towards public service workers across the NHS, Education, Emergency Services, and Local councils. The campaign aim was to raise awareness of the availability of Tusker car-scheme via their employer.

The advertising was specifically targeted to the type of public sector worker that had access in a given region, with schemes ranging from Swansea to Leeds. Deliverables required for the campaign consisted of multi-panel billboard advertising, for roadside and bus stops, along with supporting brochures and workplace POS and posters.

The campaign was launched across all seven UK councils, through the creation of more than 45 assets, with successful results.

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