About Us

We approach everything we do with three simple principles in mind – honesty, hard work, and trust.

Founded in 1982, Abbey has been in the creative business for over 35 years. From humble beginings we are now fortunate to work with ambitious SME's and global organisations. Over the years our dedication to client service and excellence has become our hallmark, and the key to making this happen is simple, our amazing team. We believe the success of any company can be measured by the quality of its people and its clients, and we're lucky to have the best of both.

Our people are our key competitive advantage – with positive attitudes such as ambition, determination and drive. People who work extremely hard to help us achieve our goals as a business and those of our clients.


If you have a question, project or any sort of enquiry please contact the guys below. If you wish to call us, any of the team will be happy to help you and direct your enquiry… we’re a friendly, helpful bunch…

Managing Director

Gary Bulmer

Managing Director

It all started with Gary, founder of Abbey DPM. Gary brings over 35 years of marketing and sales, production and management skills to the business. Responsible for the personality of the company and has engineered our own agency way of working - something more personal, direct and engaged. Gary works with clients at all levels of an organisation.

Creative Director

Neil Horne

Creative Director

Neil joined Abbey in 1994 and has over 25 years experience in all areas of brand, design and communications. Responsible for the creative direction and output for the business. Neil manages the creative studio and actively works with the team on all projects to ensure we execute the best creative delivery and strategic insight we can for our clients.

Operations Director

Ian Brooks

Operations Director

Ian (aka Mr. B) joined Abbey in 1994 having run a successful repro-graphics business for many years. Ian brings over 30 years of experience in production, workflow and systems skills to the business. Responsible for all production output and event management for the business. Other roles include financial oversight and general business operations.



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