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Welcome to the AbbeyTouch mobile app, designed and delivered by us for you.

We know you love the magic of creating and developing marketing content for the organisations you represent. You love the creative process of bringing marketing brands to life, telling their stories, building their personalities, speaking their languages and enhancing their reputations.

So do we - and you should know, we love helping you too!

This App is designed to help you and your teams create, develop and manage marketing content more effectively. It saves time and boosts your personal and team productivity. Using the App’s in-built channels your marketing content is uploaded and then managed, either by us or by you, throughout its development stages of ‘Work in progress’, ‘For approval’, ‘In use’ and finally to ‘Archived’ status.

Best of all, you are freed from your desk.

The power of mobile technology and networks gives you up to date access to all your marketing content, wherever and whenever you want. 

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